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CRAQ-SPUN® AR TYPE II sewing threads comply with A-A-55217 for protective clothing.


Sewing thread, as defined in ASTM D123, Standard Terminology Relating to Textiles, is a technically engineered strand of yarn that is expected to do the five functions:

  • Consistently pass through the eye of a needle moving at a speed greater than 60 miles per hour
  • Penetrate multiple layers of fabric
  • Form a loop when it reaches the lowest point so that another sewing thread can interlock with it
  • Deliver the maximum strength possible
  • Maintain appearance and performance after multiple washings.

Aramid Cords, Braids, and LacesARAMID CORDS, BRAIDS, AND LACES

Atlantic Thread supplies a variety of cords and braids made of high performance fibers to include:

  • Aramid jacketed braids in various styles and colors
  • Flat braids in various colors and sizes
  • Cords to meet different performance requirements

Tapes and BindingsTAPES AND BINDINGS

Atlantic Thread can also supply narrow tapes and bias bindings made of high performance fibers.

Hook and LoopHOOK AND LOOP

Atlantic Thread is a distributor of FR Hook and Loop.


Atlantic Thread distributes slide fasteners made with NOMEX® tape in various lengths for protective apparel and other specialized applications. Standard inventory includes black tape and brass teeth.


Atlantic Thread is a U.S. distributor of ROBUSO Proton® shears. These "high-tech" shears are designed to produce improved cutting results with such "high-tech" materials as aramids (KEVLAR® and TWARON®), DYNEEMA®, SPECTRA®, glass and carbon fiber fabrics. ROBUSO Proton® shears have proven their value on the production floor by delivering customer satisfaction.

CRAQ-SPUN® AR is a registered trademark of Atlantic Thread & Supply Company, Inc.

DYNEEMA® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.

NOMEX® and KEVLAR® brand fibers are a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company

ROBUSO Proton® is a registered trademark of Robuso Solingen Germany

SPECTRA® brand fiber is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.

TEIJINCONEX® brand fiber is a registered trademark of Teijin Limited

TWARON® brand fiber is a registered trademark of Teijin Aramid BV