Seagirt Marine Terminal Project

Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. played a key role in making possible the development of Baltimore's Seagirt Marine Terminal. Built on material dredged from construction of the Fort McHenry Tunnel, Seagirt began with a base that was essentially soft mud. To strengthen the foundation and provide adequate support for the project, contractors installed over 300,000 square yards of heavy duty geotextile, then blanketed the fabric with 2.5 inches of sand, and added to that a six-inch layer of slag.

Through careful selection of thread, seam and stitch type, Atlantic Thread devised a seam joint system strong enough to bind the heavy geotextile and enable it to support the weight of the entire facility, while allowing for adequate drainage.

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Atlantic Thread also deployed its expertise in a similar geotextile installation project at Craney Island Fuel Terminal in Portsmouth, Virginia. As the Navy's largest domestic fuel facility, the terminal spans over 1,100 acres and houses both above-ground and underground fuel storage containers.