Sewing Thread Technical Bulletin No. 308: CRAQ-SPUN® Sewing Threads

What are CRAQ-SPUN® Sewing Threads?
CRAQ-SPUN® is the Atlantic Thread trademark for sewing threads made from extra long high performance fibers which are processed using a modified worsted spinning system. CRAQ-SPUN® threads are made from a variety of flame resistant (FR) fibers. These include:

Type of Fiber Trademark
Aramid (meta) NOMEX®
Aramid (para) KEVLAR®
Acrylic DOLANIT®

Why is sewing thread made using the modified worsted system superior in performance to sewing thread made using the short staple cotton spinning system?
The cotton spinning system uses short staple fiber [1.75 – 2.0 inches (45 – 50 mm)] to produce sewing thread.

The modified worsted spinning system uses extra long staple fiber [4.0 – 9.0 inches (100 – 225 mm)] to produce sewing thread.

CRAQ-SPUN® sewing threads deliver two important benefits for manufacturers: superior break strength and finer sizes.

Why is superior break strength beneficial to manufacturing?
When protective clothing manufacturers join two pieces of high performance FR fabric together with sewing thread, many different seam engineering challenges need to be met. The most demanding challenge is ensuring that the sewn seam strength is adequate enough to prevent the structure from falling apart.

CRAQ-SPUN sewing thread grab strength illustration

Clothing that has function and fashion
The development of hybrid fabrics has enabled manufacturers to design more stylish garments that look less like "work clothing" and more like "street clothing." Using CRAQ-SPUN® threads means that these lighterweight hybrid "designed for comfort" fabrics can be manufactured into protective clothing items using finer size sewing threads and smaller needles. While the smaller needles mean less fabric distortion and less pucker, the finer size sewing threads help to retain structural integrity in addition to a neat appearance.

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